Harden & Dollie Osborne's Family

From Top L-R:  Ola, Delta, Ella, Grace, & Eula

Grace Virginia- born 4-5-1898 in Grayson County.  Married to Bill Belcher, died 1973 in High Point, NC.  Lived most of her life in Grundy, VA, where she taught school.  Her husband, Bill was a coal mine operator.  They had 3 sons, Clinton, Bobby, and Charles Russell.

Ola Ruth- born 5-15-1900 in Grayson County.  She died in 1963 in High Point, NC.    Ola never married, but helped raise her younger brothers Okra and Kent.

Eula May- born 5-31-1902 in Grayson County.  Died 2-4-1972 in Knoxville, TN.  Married Clovis Sykes and lived many years in Coalwood, VA.  Eula had 3 children, Josephine Marie (Runnion),  Alma Lee (Rakes), and Frankie (Frankie is deceased).  Josephine, (Jo) married Jim Runnion and has 2 children, Vicki and Cindie.   Alma Lee Sykes Rakes has 2 children, Phillip and Steve.

Ella Rebecca- born 2-11-1904 in Grayson County.  Died 8-28-1986 in High Point, NC. Ella was married to Allen Hash, she lived in High Point most of her life.  She had one daughter, Helen Arita Hash, who married Bert Daniel Blackmon Jr., and lived most of her life in Bay Minette, Alabama. Helen and Bert had 2 children, Bert Daniel Blackmon III, and Nancy Carol Blackmon Kramer. Helen passed away on 9-1-2009 after an extended illness.

Delta Marie- born 5-22-1906 in Grayson County.  Died 12-6-1980 in High Point, NC.  She married Marshall Fields Pugh on 3-27-1927 in Sparta, NC.  Delta had one son, Danny Fields Pugh.  Fields and Delta lived most of their lives in High Point, NC.  Danny had 2 children, Michelle Paige VanTrease, and Angela Marie Veres.

Gwyn Edgar- born 2-25-1908 in Grayson County.  Died 1967 in High Point, NC.  He was married to Lena Patton.  Gwyn had two children, Jack, who died in a traffic accident, and Betty Draughn.

Lena & Gwyn Osborne

Brookie Mary- born 5-17-1910 in Grayson County.  Died 10-30-2001 in Jacksonville, FL.  She was married to Atlas Johnson.  Brookie had 3 children, Larry, Linda, and Darrell.  Brookie and Atlas lived most of their lives in High Point, NC.

Atlas & Brookie Johnson

Effie Rose- born 6-19-1912 in Grayson County.  Died 5-29-2007 in High Point, NC.  Effie Married Dalton Orr.  Effie had 5 children, and one adopted child.  Jimmy, Tommy, Judy, Sarah, Kenneth, and Jerry.  Effie and Dalton lived most of their lives in High Point, NC.        (I have been to Dalton's fathers grave in Jonesville, SC, and to Granny Orr's home place at Fines Creek, near Waynesville, NC if anyone is interested in knowing these locations, please contact me.)

Effie Orr with Judy, Jimmy, Jerry, Sarah, & Kenneth

Dewey Mckee- born 4-1-1914 in Grayson County.  Died 6-22-1915 in Grayson County.  Dewey probably died in the influenza epidemic. 

Harden Ocra Osborn- (yes, he spelled it without an e) born 3-31-1916 in Grayson County.  He died 10-29-2002 in High Point, NC.  Okra served in the Merchant Marines in World War II.  He was married to Francis Bivins (4-12-1920 to 4-9-2002).  Okra had one step-daughter, Dixie Ulmer.  Dixie and Dale Ulmer live in Raleigh, NC.

Harden Ocra Osborn in the Merchant Marines, World War II

Kent Graybeal- born  3-24-1920 in Grayson County.  Died 3-26-2004 in High Point, NC.  Kent served in the Army Air Corps in World War II.  He married Ava Brown.  Kent and Ava had 3 children, Delta Joy, Jackie Sue, and Joel Kent.  (Joel is deceased.)  Kent and Ava lived their lives together in High Point, NC. 


Kent in uniform, training in Arizona. 

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Below is a photo of Mary Taylor Adams, mother of Dollie Griffith Osborne.  This photo was taken in front of her home in Casey County, Kentucky.  The church she attended, Creston Baptist, and the cemetery in which she is buried (Antioch Cemetery) was originally part of her farm donated for the building of the church and cemetery.  This photo is courtesy of Steven Joines, her great grandson.